Well, I was supposed to get x-rays done on my foot July 28th (4 weeks after the first ones and this boot) and we finally found time to go today.  We had considered going to Aux Cayes (1hr 20min) or Port-au-Prince (2hr 30min, est. US$38) and then we realized that our AIDS team was going to Hopital Lumiere (Baptist) Bonne Fin (1hr 30min) today anyway so we “car pooled”…tagged along.  We got there during the lunch break so had to wait a bit.  After that everything went fairly quickly: pay (only US$15 for consultation and 2 x-rays), x-rays, establish a clinic record, see the nurse for blood pressure and weight (hate that part!), and consultation with the doctor.  Total time was about 2 hours.  End result: wear the boot until Aug 19th since that will make 3 months since the original injury! 

Felix also used the time to network with the doctor who works with the AIDS patients and the new pastor.  Interestingly enough, the Baptist church (right next to the hospital) pastor is also assigned to do pastoral care at the hospital and the members of the congregation are actively involved.  It is a model we are looking into for our clinic to be more integrated with the corps.


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  1. Oh my goodness. so sorry it wasnt better news. I had to not put any pressure on my left foot after removing a bone spur several years ago and I had to go 3 months too with not walking on it etc. Not easy by any means. Hope your weekend will be a good one.

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