Conveniences of Life….

Thanks for your many responses…lets me know people are still out there reading my random thoughts….

This question was part of a board game I have, “Life Stories”.  When I first read this card, I was comfortably living in Peoria, IL only wondering if I would be a “good fit” for overseas service some day…. 

My answers then were…the remote control for the TV, or the garage-door opener or maybe the microwave….

Then, after being in Antigua awhile, I thought of the question again and realized that there had been a shift in what I assumed were “givens” in live and what were truely conveniences so I said….a vehicle (the girls’ home didn’t have one and we were limited by the daytime operating schedule of the local (minivan) buses)….running water….electricity all the time….

Now after seven years in Haiti I realized how much I appreciate not having to use a pit toilet (outhouse, latrine….).  Even though our flush toilet doesn’t work perfectly and we try to conserve on water by using the “Yellow-mellow, brown-flush down” principle, I love having it…wouldn’t want to be without it.  We are blessed with so many more “conveniences” than those around us….electricity most of the time, an electric pump that provides running water in our house and throughout the clinic, a propane-powered fridge that works enough to keep our food from spoiling (far from the 40 degree “safe” zone), a TV-DVD, INTERNET CONNECTION almost 24/7, and use of the clinic vehicles.  I’m grateful for a shower, especially when I wash my hair.  We use the navy shower system of wetting down, soaping up and then rinsing off, only having the water running at the beginning and end.  I’ve forgotten how to do it with the water running constantly.   I’ve gotten really good at bucket baths and now can manage very well with only a half a bucket.  We have been fairly healthy and have had many ministry opportunities within the clinic and in the surrounding corps. 

I do miss Wal-mart, ice cream (doesn’t do well on the 3 hr trip home from PAP), going out to movies, and just being with family and friends….I guess that’s what vacations are for!




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  1. I think a lot could learn from going overseas how precious “things” are.  We are indeed very blessed, and I am so thankful for the little things.  Thank you for sharing.  Please know that you are in my continued prayers for healing, your ministry, your finances there in that area, the schooling, food situation, etc.  You are a blessing.  SHALOM!

  2. LOL, I loved the bucket bath comment.   I can sooooo relate to that one.  Today is a non-water day.  So, we went to the beach and got nasty, sandy, salty hair and returned to no water.  We don’t have a pump, so when it is out, it is out.  Have to go out to the tank (back up water is essential, right!) and boil the water, to take the bucket bath.  I am going to try just a half a bucket, lol.  Thanks for making me grateful again  for all that I have.  I think that the greatest thing I have learned is that no matter what, I am still far more blessed and spoiled than most of the rest of the world.  Blessings, clc

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