Tropical Storm Fay

Well, our plans to spend the afternoon at the beach with the Work Team from WMNI was a rain out for sure.  Felix informed me that my namesake, Tropical Storm Fay was responsible for dumping a bunch of rain on us all day long as it slipped past us on the southern peninsula of Haiti on its way to visit Cuba.  The Storm Central on The Weather Channel ( is predicting that it will reach hurricane strength by the time it bends around towards Florida.

Got to give the work team credit…they went out in spite of the rain to continue to deliver the water filters to Sal. Army schools in our area.  They have delivered 60 so far and hope to do another 60 before their time with us finishes.  This is a project in connection with Rotary Clubs International to provide simple, sand/gravel water filters in schools throughout Haiti so that the children will have access to pure drinking water at school.  The team is placing one filter for each 50 children at about 20 SA schools.  Later, the water project team will conduct training for the school staff on how to finish the installation and how to use and maintain the units.  We are hoping to be able to get our Rotary Club involved.

Trying to watch clips from the Olymics on the computer but it keeps starting and stopping…we did manage to see the replay of Michael Phelps stunning 7th gold medal.  WOW!!



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  1. Glad to hear you all are safe and thats great news to hear about the water filters too. Stay safe and have a great weekend.

  2. I was checking your page this AM, to see if you had been affected by the flooding that we are hearing about.  Glad to hear that everything is well.  We had our “rain event” throughout the night.  Lots of heavy downpours and lightning, but otherwise not much here.  I am sure as our day progresses we will hear about mudslides or flooding, but for the moment, all seems well. Blessings, clc

  3. Greeting to you from Marge and Harry Smith.  I spent the day with them and while we were talking about the Diaz’s new baby, your name came up.  Sorry about the rain.  I often think about you and the conveniences we have here and thinking just how unfair it is sometimes.  You handle it all with such grace, even though I know you are greatly inconveniences, especially knowing what it is like in the US where we have so much.

  4. Good Morning Friend, I was trying to see if you had updated on your preparations for Gustav.  I will be praying for your family.  Let us know as soon as it has passed, how you have fared.  Blessings, clc

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