I Spoke Too Soon…..

Well, I said Hanna wasn’t coming our way….it was supposed to go northeast, over the Bahamas and then towards the US east coast….that was until winds off of the US pushed it back south….that means on us!!!!  It has been raining all day, more now (7:30pm) with thunder and lightening.  And as the Weather Channel said, we’re already rain soaked!!  This could be very dangerous for mudslides, raging rivers and loss of lives.  I just read that the city of Gonaives (pop. 300,000+), to the north, has been inundated again.  This seaside city is in a large plain at the base of the mountains and was very badly flooded in Sept. 2004 when more than 2,000 people died.  Flood waters have again covered the national highway leading into the city preventing aid from arriving.  Let’s pray that the devestation will be minimal, that the waters will go down quickly and that looting and lawlessness will not prevail like the last time.

I just got through reading the SA Caribbean reports of other damage in Haiti and noted that five SA locations have sustained damage to school/corps roofs with one school losing three classrooms (where Felix used to be stationed in the mountains before we got married) and one quarters was severly damaged when a palm tree fell on the structure.  I also heard from xanga friends in Turks and Caicos that they lost sections of their roof and they have had to relocate.

Keep praying for us….it isn’t over yet…


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  1. I am praying so earnestly for you and all of the country right now. It’s so hard to hear about countries being destroyed by weather, but then to hear about a place that is so close to my heart and that I am so familiar with (picturing the places you described in your last entry), is almost unbelievable to hear. I can only imagine what it’s like for you to live in the middle of that right now. Know that you’re in my prayers very often right now.

  2. I have been asking around about you folks when I didn’t see any postings from you.  I have been very concerned for you.  I asked kathleen branch about you and she said they had not heard anything.  Scary!  I’m glad the first storm wasn’t as destructive for you and it was thought to be and I’m praying for you with the new storm.  Keep us posted as you are able.

  3. We were comm. in june 04/ and we now in Gastonia, NC….it’s a wonderful corps..we are blessed to be there! Please know your in our prayers. I have add your names (Xanga site name) to our corps prayer list.

  4. Yes, that was my husband. We’ve been four years now. He talks of his time of Haiti alot. He has some of the pictures from his trip on the walls here in the office. I will tell him you asked about him.
    We will be praying for you as you clean up after the storm. God Bless!

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