“Now why don’t she write??”  

One of my favorite lines from “Dance  with Wolves”.  Just thought that you would want to know that we are alive and well in FDN.  After the passage of three hurricanes so far this season we are definitely soggy and feeling the effects.  Many houses have been damaged along with crops, livestock, roads, bridges, etc.  This has added to the hunger and misery of the people and prices continue to rise.  We are now having to pay about double the money weekly for food and none of our incomes have gone up at all!  We are blessed with a constant income and I really feel for those who have no source to provide for their families.

One big challenge is that a bridge over the end of a lake on our way to PAP is under 4 feet of water.  It has been like that now for about four weeks and the water continues to rise each time it rains.  It appears that the only egress for the lake is under a mountain and that it is blocked.  We hear that they are trying to cut an alternative route on top of the mountain that surrounds the lake but don’t have any idea when that might be finished.  Currently, to get to PAP you have someone drive you 30 min to the edge of the lake.  Then you have someone carry you on their back into one of the waiting small boats.  Then once on the other side you try to find local transport to take you the rest of the way to PAP (2 more hours). 

Felix and I haven’t done this yet but it looks like we will get to experience it first hand on Sunday.  We have an AIDS Relief partners meeting next week.  We were going to try to fly, leaving from a bigger town one hour further west of us, but they didn’t have any space until Monday afternoon which would mean we would miss important sessions Mon. morning.  So, we will try crossing by boat on Sun afternoon with our AIDS coordinator waiting for us on the other side.

We don’t have internet connection now at the clinic.  It appears that CDC (who pays for our connection) is analysing its contract with the serivce provider.  I just spoke with both the CDC staff person and someone at Haiti Sat. and neither could give me any idea when we might have service again.  Its now been 2 weeks!  So, we are back to going to the cybercafe and trying to type as fast as possible!  I now have been here longer than the money in my pocket… Hopefully Felix can bail me out!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!



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  1. So much extra do you have to pay for Internet at the house or Office??? Praying for you all and all the people there/

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