Calling All Prayers!!!

We still don’t have internet connection at the clinic due to the funder re-negotiating the contract with the provider.  Have no idea when they might settle the issue.  So, we are back to using the local cybercafe and trying to get as much done in an hour or two once or twice a week.

Matthew started second grade on Monday.  School opening was delayed due to the damage many schools had suffered in the hurricanes.  I am glad that he is back in a scheduled daily routine.  Next week he will start his afterschool lessons.

The post-hurricane situation is still critical.  At least 5 feet of water still covers our priciple road to PAP.  They are no longer letting any vehicles pass which has cut off most of our supplies to the southwest.  Particularly critical is fuel…gas and diesel for the vehicles, diesel for the generator, propane tanks for the refrigerators, kerosene for lamps, etc.  Also, food is getting scarce in the markets as much of the food comes from other parts of the island.  Also. there are fewer local transportation vehicles due to the lack of fuel to bring even the local produce to the market.  Cant find chicken, eggs and many other items in the market.

The government has sent crews to dig a new road up and over the mountain that is on the northern side of the lake.  Felix and our other two clinic vehicles have been able to get through on it but it is dirt and rock, very slippery and requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a very skilled driver.  We hope to be able to bring back some propane tanks to keep the clinic fridges operating (they contain our vaccine supply as well as other medications and lab chemicals).  We are on our last drum of diesel for the generator and the price to buy what is locally stockpiled has gone up from US$4.28  to $5.63 a gal.  Gas is now selling for US$7.50 a gal.  I just bought a few gals so that I could attend our Rotary meeting last Friday.

Pray for us.  The high increase in the cost of living has really hit our staff hard, making many of them wonder how they can survive.

May God bless us all!


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  1. Will continue to pray. Our God knows our needs and even though our eyes we see that things seem impossible..We know God provides and always on time. Keep trusting and we will keep praying.

  2. Will continue to pray for you. If there is anything that we can do from here, please let me know. Such as food, items, etc. I am glad tohear that you are doing well yourself. Kudos to Matthew. He is growing up so fast. God bless you. My email is If you need anything, please just let us know. God bless you!

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