Starting to lose the teeth…….Matthew, not me, Silly!

Right around Felix’s birthday in November Matthew lost his first tooth.  One day  he noticed it was wiggly and then one morning we were brushing our teeth and I noticed this big gap in his mouth!  With no fanfare he had pushed it out with his tongue.  I was amazed.


Then the “tooth fairy” had to make her first visit and couldn’t find the teeny, tiny tooth under the pillow and certainly didn’t want to wake the boy in the process.  What to do??!!!  So she just left a US quarter and a pencil and headed to the next house.  Fortunately, I found it in the morning before he noticed it was still there.  I said that the Tooth Fairy decided to leave the first tooth so he could put it in his baby book (quick thinking, huh?).

I went to Yahoo! Answers (a really fun site where you can ask all kinds of questions and get answers from all over immediately) to see what others do.  Got some pretty good ideas.  And just in time….the tooth next to it is now wiggly.

What do the other “Tooth Fairies” out there do? 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vi & Matthew[1]


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