Christmas at the clinic…..

Our Christmas day was good and in a way, not over yet.  The volunteers finished putting the food parcels together at 1 am and then Felix gave them a ride home. I put out the gifts and munched on the treats that Matthew had left out for Santa.

Due to our late night we ended up sleeping in to 9 am and then I got busy making pancakes and scrambled eggs.  We just had time to quickly eat before it was time to start the service with the patients who are hospitalized here.  The corps band came and I enjoyed playing with them.  I actually got them to play the songs up-to-speed.  Last year “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” could have passed as a funeral derge!  LOL  While Felix and some of the staff and bandsmen were passing out the food parcels I played through the “green book” reminiscing on standing long hours on the kettle and playing my baritone to keep myself entertained.

We repeated the service for the TB patients in our sanatorium.   Back at the house (2pm) I put on some Christmas CD’s (WOW Christmas is great!), we wrapped a few more gifts for nearby officers and friends then took them to Bethany, the CO and Guirand.  We gave Matthew’s tricycle to Jeremie and it was fun watching him try to figure it out.  Just hope the older kids at Bethany don’t mash it up.  In Guirand we had a 3 hour marriage counseling session for a couple who is in trouble.  Pray for them that they will re-unite and work through their difficulties.

We got home at 9:30 pm, stuck the pre-made tuna noodle casserole in the oven, put a Christmas table cloth and placemats on the table and had dinner.  Matthew was so tired that he settled for some bread and jam and then put himself to bed.  We are so tired that we are putting ourselves to bed too!

Maybe tomorrow we will have time to open our gifts! LOL.  We were supposed to leave for vacation tomorrow but since I didn’t get to any of the work I needed to handle (like staff salaries, a finance report, bags of change for the cashiers for the next 10 days, etc, etc….) I don’t think that we will be able to leave until Saturday.  One day late is better than me pulling another all-nighter!

Well, off to bed I go…I think the dishes can wait until tomorrow.



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