Good to hear from so many of you and to know that your Christmas was well celebrated.  I really miss the “trappings of Christmas”.  Just seems that something is missing without being surrounded with decorations, Advent Sundays at church, snow, evergreens, kettles, Christmas caroling, etc, etc….  Then on Christmas Eve I lost my voice.  But as I put Matthew to bed and I couldn’t sing to him as I usually do, he began to sing the carols I have sung to him since birth with me prompting him occassionally with the words.  I got a warm, fuzzy feeling all over listening to his sweet voice singing “Silent Night”, “Away in a Manger” and “”Joy to the World”.  Christmas through the eyes and voice of a child.

We were to leave yesterday for 10 days vacation but there were quite a few loose ends to tie up and we still hadn’t opened our gifts.  Matthew was being VERY patient (maybe ’cause he hasn’t been around other US kids on Christmas morning).  Finally, at 10 pm last night we started opening them.  We got mostly DVDs which will be nice to watch, seeing that we don’t get much on TV and nothing in English.  Matthew was thrilled with 2 pair of new shoes, an outfit from a friend in Antigua, a tennis ball, two cars from Grandmommy’s house and a set of things (binoculars, camera, watch, radio, flashlight) from Uncle Bob and Aunt Rae.  He also got a devotional book from THQ that we found out glows in the dark while we were waiting for the generator to be turned on.  LOL!

More later from vacation, if we have internet connection at the mission compound north of PAP.



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  1. Enjoy your holiday. I hope it is relaxing and refreshing. Blessings to you and Happy New Year! Will speak to you when you get back:)

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