Vacation finished…….

We just got back from the mission compound north of PAP.  Since we didn’t get out of here until early Sunday morning, 12/28 we decided to stay until Tuesday.  School started on Monday but I didn’t feel two days would make all that much difference and today was “Three Kings” day, a minor holiday and the “official” end of the Christmas holidays…you know, the 12 days of Christmas and all….

We had a good time.  Felix didn’t rest as he should have(when does he ever?), going into PAP four days during the 10 days .  And the days he did rest it was only because nothing was open Jan 1 – 4.   (Jan 1st is Haiti’s Independance Day, and Jan 2nd is National Heroes Day.)   So what did I do during our time away?….I did a 1000 piece puzzle by myself (US Presidents), re-read “The Remenant” from the “Left Behind” series, went in the pool 3 times, talked a lot with my friend Ann, watched most of the new DVD’s we got for Christmas, did my devotions every day, spent time with Matthew and Felix, made homemade cinnamon rolls that turned out great, went to a friend’s English-speaking church on Sunday (it was so packed that we had to sit outside until the kids left for Junior Church), went to our AIDS program co-ordinator’s house for dinner on Sunday afternoon and slept and slept, and didn’t have a single person knock on our door for 10 days!!!!!!!  It was wonderful.  One thing I didn’t get done was our end-of-year family letter.  It is about half done and I hope to get it finished and in the mail by this coming week-end.

Now, tomorrow, it is hit the pavement running as we tackle tasks that were left for us, interview a new pediatrician, sign contracts with people who have recently finished probation, start looking for a new finance person to replace someone who left without any notice Dec. 15th, prepare for a SA audit later in the month, put together the new AIDS Relief budget for Year 6 that’s due by the end of the week, finish the second payroll, etc.   Makes me tired just writing it…..On that note, good night! 

Happy New Year!!!  God Bless!!!


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  1. I am glad you were able to get the much needed rest. Felix sounds a lot like Mark, with always keeping himself busy going and going and going:) Wow, a 1000 piece puzzle, I am impressed, I have several that I have started and yet to finish. I am currently reading “The Passionate Church” of which I think is a must read for leaders in the church. It is excellent and making me rethink my leadership. Sounds like you are very busy ahead. I will pray that all goes well with finding a finance person and the audits, etc. It’s never easy finding someone to replace one that has left. Happy New Year to you! I pray that it is one with great health, a great anointing on your ministry and spiritual blessings beyond measure. Take care and God bless. You are in my thoughts and prayers. SHALOM!

  2. Sounds like a great vacation!  Especially the part where no one knocked on your gate for 10 days.  I think that would be a treat, no people calling at the gate and no phone calls.  Happy New Year to you all!

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