Christmas Gifts from “Home”

The fun thing about Christmas overseas is that it keeps coming!  Our Christmas gifts started off in late November with the arrival of my brother Bob’s 2007 Christmas parcel.  Fortunately, all was still intact and useable except the extremely sticky candy canes.  Then came our friends from Switzerland, poting wonderful Swiss chocolates, a 2009 cloth calendar and a rainbow-colored Swatch for me.  Bob came the first of December, bringing things I had ordered online and gifts from his family and my parents.  Jamie on the USA-S team broughts lots of wonderful things including a whole Spiderman PJ set for Matthew including robe and slippers. 


Felix came back from PAP Friday with the latest box from my brother Randy & family.  Inside was a beautiful, plush “Horton” elephant!  He speaks words of wisdom and came with his own special “mini book” “Horton Hears a Who” one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.  Now, it was quite challenging to read with my “over 40” eyes and with it’s teeny, tiny print that got even smaller when the Whos were talking but I managed to get through it with Matthew this morning.  Ran also sent the video so all three of us watched it tonight.  It has the French language track so Matthew will be able to practice his French and we will be able to share it with the patients in our clinic waiting for their lab results.  What a wonderful gift!




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  1. Awww, he looks so cute with Horton and friends. I love the pj’s. I am so glad to see he likes Spiderman:) He will like what is coming his way:) I just think Matthew is so adorable. He has such a sparkle in his eyes, what a blessing.Hope you have a wonderfully blessed week. Take care:)

  2. He is just too stinking cute!  Amanda loved the Dr. Suess Sleep Book – which in my late 20’s and early 30’s drove me crazy!!!  Glad you are still enjoying the fruits of Christmas!  Blessings!

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