Harvest Sale in Guirand

Felix, Matthew and I just got back from one of the neighboring corps’ harvest sale.  It was a beautiful night, bright full moon although a bit chilly (maybe 70?).  Mayotte and I made some stuff to take (BonBon Katrine cookies, banana bread, yeast bread) and it all sold pretty well.  I estimate that the materials cost about H$100 and they sold for H$270.  Of course the $100 didn’t include our time or the gas for the stove but I was glad it sold well.  We bought back one of the loaves of bread (the one that turned out perfectly–made me think of the “Twice Owned” boat story) and one bag of cookies that we gave to eight of the children sitting around us.  The BonBon Katrines went well, especially after they heard who gave me the recipe (Catherine S/F who was with us for 3 mths awhile ago). Next year I might try making a pizza to sell since the few small slices that they had sold well. 

I just kept thinking of my Mom’s opinion of participatory sales like this (bake sales and the like) that you bake something, take it to the sale and end up buying it back…how much easier it would be just to donate the money and skip all the work!  So true.  In fact, one place I was they had a “no bake sale” where they just had pictures and you gave money for what you might have wanted to buy.  Kind of funny twist on this sort of thing.

All in all, a fun, family night out away from the clinic.


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  1. Can you send the weather here? It’s been so cold. The cookies sound good. I am so glad that they sold well. That is wonderful. I will be send the Kids Alive in another month or so to Matthew. The boys have been actively collecting them each week. I hope your packages get there soon:) Blessings and know that you are covered in prayer. SHALOM!

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