What do people dread most…..

Going to the dentist….or having an audit?

Im sure that God has an amazing sense of humor…our much awaited audit (the one we begged to have postponed in January ’cause we weren’t ready…still aren’t) started Tuesday.  And wouldn’t you know, one of my fillings came out of my molar Monday evening!  No time to get anything done to it until I don’t know when.  We used to have a dentist right here in FDN but I recently heard he packed up and left town.  😦  Now I have to start asking around to see where I should go.  Don’t think I should wait until I’m in the states in July to get it worked on.  At least there is currently no pain involved.  (More than I can say for sitting in THE chair!  LOL)

The audit is going…..ok.  They have a really helpful attitude and are trying to see how we can streamline, automate our process.  We are still basically operating on a cash basis out of an actual cash book (backed up with an excel spreadsheet).  I have been dreaming of someone out there (sounds like a song…) who would love to come down for two to three months and get us set up on Quickbooks.  Do you know of anyone who would like to spend time in the Caribbean???

Gotta get some sleep….this all starts again in four hours!



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  1. I have some I need pulled and I keep putting it off due to finances at the moment and the dentist is the last place I want to go these days!  I feel for ya!  Good luck on the audit!

  2. Hard to imagine life without a dentist available whenever you need him.    If I was good at numbers or the computer, I might like to come…but I’m pathetic!  Glad the audit is going okay.  Is it an Army audit or outside audit?

  3. Oh I sooo hear you on the cash book thing, we are using the same process…Quickbooks is like a dream come true!  We had an audit last weekend, it wasn’t too painful! 🙂
    Anyways, sorry about your tooth-hopefully you can get it repaired soon! Blessings!  ~becca

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