This and That…..

Well, the auditors (DS and DHQ finance person) were here Tuesday through Friday afternoon.  They managed to get through 4 years of clinic books (03 – 07) and probably all of the AIDS Relief books (04 – 08) since they are on Quickbooks and have already been audited twice by the outside, independent auditors.  There were some issues we will have to deal with, but nothing that we didn’t already know.  The good news is that the finance guy thinks that he can set us up on QB starting with Oct. 08.  If this happens things will go much smoother next go around.

I’m starting the search for a dentist.  Still no pain from the broken tooth, hallelujah!

Last weekend was Youth Councils here in the South.  Haiti, although only one division has three youth councils.  The weekend before last a friend of mine from St. Louis days was the special guest in the North.  Unfortunately, his schedule back home was too tight for him to stay much more than the weekend so he wasn’t able to come see us in the beautiful South.  Next time, Mike!  Glad to here you made it back to PAP after experiencing three flat tires along the way.

The guests for ours were from the Philly area.  This was Major Tom’s fourth visit (attested to by our home guest book) and Major Mike’s first.  He’s the cousin of one of my “good friends” through xanga.  It was fun trying to tell him how I “know” Cheryl over there in Jamaica.

Well, off to bed…..Pleasant dreams.



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  1. WOW a 4 year Audit. The Auditors here in Florida do  once a year. and it still take a week. Although Auditors here  are the most picky then any other division we have ever served in. We just  had our yearly one about a month ago and already got the report back, and Gene has already responsed back to it. This is the first one in a long time that most of the comments were “no need to response”. Just a few minor things to do, other wise all was good. I go with our Youth  this Friday to Orlando for Youth Councils. Hope I can stay awake  cause I am not a late night person lol Have a good week

  2. Hope you find a dentist soon…an exposed tooth like that invites bacteria…I’ll be praying that you find one soon and that no pain comes.
    Do you get as many visitors in the south as other corps in the north?  It seems like a lot of people go to where the Dias are (were? – I can’t keep up, probably because I don’t know them).
    Are you getting my protected postings?

  3. While my cousin was there, I was on a ship sailing past Haiti.  We went to the Dominican Republic.  I have a photo of me waving to you as I passed by, I’ll try and send it to you sometime, lol.  Hope that the Youth Councils was a good time.  I hope that someday, I am able to come and see you in your home digs.  If you haven’t heard, we are under farewell orders….look for the official list when it comes out.  Mixed feelings, times are tough here in Ja. and we have been challenged beyond what we thought we could bear, but I know that I am a different person because of it.  Love your new pic.  Matthew is sooooo incredibly cute.  Have a blessed day,

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