Easter Doings

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written anything.  Things have been a bit hectic.   We usually color a lot of Easter eggs to give to the children at Bethany Children’s home and to the clinic staff and patients but we ended up not doing any eggs this year.  We were in PAP Palm Sunday weekend to say good bye to an overseas couple returning to the Central Territory. Then we went back to FDN for Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri only to turn around and go back to PAP (3 hr drive) to be the special guests at a friend’s corps for Easter.  Then, we got up at 4:30 to drive back home on Monday, to get Matthew back in school, prepare things for the clinic for the upcoming week and to drive back to PAP (leaving at 5:50 am) on Tues for a week of officers’ continuing education.  I’m tired just thinking of it!  Somewhere in all that I just couldn’t motivate myself to buy, boil, color and distribute 120 eggs!

Felix preached the Easter message on God’s fidelity to His promise of redemption.  I had a few words in the morning, focused on the women at the tomb (Come and See…Go and Tell) and the a devotional during the evening concert using the disciples on the road to Emmaus:  Walking with Jesus…Brings Comfort, Brings Understanding, Brings Joy.  Luke 24: 13-35.

The seminar was very good; a refresher on sermon development and preparation along with a inventory tool on your learning styles.  It was the first time Felix and I have taken this kind of “test” and it was interesting to know that we both have an analytical style in our approach to learning.  Not all that surprising, though…kind of “Prove it to me, show me how you got there, let me think this through…”  Now I know why I don’t really like group work, brain-storming, and the like.  But good points that when you teach you need to use a variety of methods so that you can reach people in the four main learning approaches: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation.  The presenter was a SA major on training college staff in USE who has now lead our continuing ed seminars for about 5 years.  It is so good for all the officers here in Haiti to have this opportunity to come together and learn and fellowship. 

I am looking forward to our officers’ retreat in June with our new TC AND the officers from the Bahamas Division.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!




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