Birthday Blessings, Big and Small

I am really bummed!  Last night I spent a good amount of time writing up the details of how I spent my Birthday yesterday and after I had re-read it, edited it and all, pressed send and it disappeared!    Now, I don’t know if that was a blessing for my loyal readers…did you really want to know all the details?

So, for now, I will give you the outline.  If at some point, I have the energy to “flesh it out”, I will (if you really want to know).  (Probably won’t bother…)

Day began at midnight with Matthew (who was still up) and Felix singing Happy Birthday.

After some sleep, up at 6:30am to do devotions on our flat roof….interuppeted by having to clean up “tata dlo” (you don’t want the translation) Matthew presented to me.  Reminders of how far we’ve come since the baby days and how grateful I am that we have.

Nice time of devotions on the roof followed by breakfast made by my Honey.

Busy, normal day with staff needing a variety of things from us.  Matthew didn’t have school since the school was re-setting the classrooms up after the govt. elections that were held on Sunday.  He actually read outloud to me from his “Dick, Jane and Sally” reader in order to get some DVD time.

Mayotte cooked a nice meal with some of my favorites: pumpkin souffle (like sweet potato casserole we always ate at TG minus the marshmallow plus fresh shredded coconut), seasoned beef, rice and beans, veggies….  She also made coconut “tablets” (like peanut brittle). Yummy!

For the evening, I went back up on the roof, lounged on our glider reading my latest copy of Guidepost while Matthew played nearby.  We watched the stars come out.  Just as I was wishing I could call someone, my cell phone rang with a conference call my sister Diane arranged with my Mom & Dad and her.

Finished up the day Instant Messaging some friends including a session mate I have recently found on FaceBook.  I got lots of greetings on FB which was nice.

All in all, a pretty good day! 

Now Matthew is using his math skills to count down the days to his birthday on the 30th.  We are planning on taking all the kids from Bethany Children’s Home this Saturday, halfway between our two birthdays.  All things are falling into place: got a great rebate from the owners of the beach and a friend is willing to help us with his “taptap” (pick-up truck) along with the clinic truck and the Bethany truck.  Should be enough for all 46 of us!!!    Should be an interesting day.



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  1. I totally wish I was there for this Saturday! I could be a helper!!! Love to you, Felix, Matthew and all the children at Bethany!!! Have some fun for me!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!  How did I miss that one?  Sorry.  I am glad to hear your birthday was a good day.  I have had the same thing happen to me with my posts on xanga.  I usually write them in word first and then cut and paste.  Didn’t know if you heard, but we are under farewell orders to Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Transitioning again, but very excited by what we are hearing of the Corps there.  Hope your day is blessed.

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