Birthday Beach Bash

Last Saturday, April 25th, we planned a combined beach outing to celebrate Matthew and my birthdays.  Since it has been a while since we’ve invited ALL the kids at Bethany to go to the beach and since someone had given me some money for a party for the kids, we decided that this was the time to do it.  We lined up three vehicles to take all of us, the staff at Bethany got up early and cooked a huge pot of rice and beans, slaw and pork, and we headed out. 

We went to the nice beach where you have to pay to get in but where everything is clean and you’re not usually troubled by loud, obnoxious or drunk people.  It normally costs H$10 per person (US$1.25 each).  We were taking 15 kids under 13, 24 kids 13-18 and 7 of us over 18 (US$57.50).  Usually I get a halfprice discount only for the kids under 13 when we go as a group.  When I called the owner to talk about the party and to ask for a discount, he offered half price for everyone (US$28.75)!  With the money we saved I was able to help with the gas for the non-Salvation Army vehicle and give the children’s home some money to defray the food costs!

Now, you would think that taking 46 people to the beach would have been hectic and sometimes it is.  But this time, everything worked out beautifully; the weather was great, the water was just calm enough not to be knocking the little ones over, the food was good and the kids played very nicely together!  Felix and I even had time to relax, read a bit and rest.  We sang Happy Birthday to Matthew and one other little boy, Charles Evans, who had an April birthday to wrap up the day.

Thank you, Major Margaret for sending your gift.  Thank you, Lord, for helping everything to go so smoothly.  (Pictures to be added later.)


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