Latest Update….

Well, these last few weeks have been a bit crazy…but then, it always seems to be…

Matthew got really sick just before I left for the Rotary Conference.  Turns out it was a bout with typhoid.  The antibiotics and Dad’s care did the trick and he was back to normal (what’s that for a 7 yr old?) by the time I got back May 11th.

Matthew sick

My return marked  one month before I was scheduled to leave again, this time for six weeks of my homeland furlough.  Every three years I get two months leave.  I’m taking six weeks from June 11 – July 21.  In that time I’ll be in Chicago, Minneapolis, Peoria, St. Louis, Nashville, Wilmore, KY, Lewisville, NC, Atlanta and back to PAP.  Makes me tired just typing it!  I will be with my sister, Deb for most of it so that will be great…catching up on all that’s been going on. The other two weeks will be taken in October for my father’s birthday and sister’s 10th wedding anniversary.

So, during this month we  had to get three monthly finance reports put together and sent to the lead agency of our AIDS grant.  Payroll for the clinic and AIDS Relief staff needed to be done (people need to eat, right?). Income and expenses for the clinic needed to be dealt with.  Employees wanting job letters…visitors to receive…  These are all the “normal” stuff.

Then, we found out that they have set the date for our AIDS Relief annual, outside, independent audit…June 8 – 12!  I let them know immediately that I would only be in the clinic until 3 pm on the 10th but they can’t reschedule.  Also, June 11th is a national holiday here in Haiti.  If Felix takes us to PAP on the 10th he won’t be here and the auditors want us to ask our staff to work on the holiday without us present.  Don’t know how this will work out.

 We had only 10 working days notice so have be scurrying to pull out all the documents that they will want to look at.  This has delayed our work on the payroll a bit, unfortunately.

On top of this was the scheduled Officers’ Retreat in PAP this week, Tuesday night through Friday breakfast.  It has been a good spiritual break under the leadership of our new TC, Col. Onal and Edmona C.  Also joining with the Haitian officers are the 10 officers from the Bahamas Division.  It has been fun getting together with other officers and a real treat to meet my xanga and facebook friends, Becca and Matthew.  The time has gone quickly!

We rush straight back to FDN tomorrow so that I can finalize the payroll and get there ahead of the Bahamas delegation who are going to be able to come out and see all that the SA is doing in FDN.  We will eat lunch together before they head out.  It would have been nice to have time to take them to our beach.

We finish off Friday with our weekly evening Rotary Club meeting.  The rest of the weekend will be used to work on the May finance report that needs to be sent in by the 10th and before I fly out.

Sometime before we leave, Matthew has to take his end-of-term exams.  They were typed up and copied on Tuesday, so I don’t know if the teacher began giving them to him this week or if he will wait until Monday.  I’m just hoping and praying that he does well, with all the school he missed due to “rain days” (a whole week) and his sick days.  The way they grade down here, these exams are the only grades they get each term and if they don’t get an average of 50% then they have to repeat.  He did poorly the first term and quite a bit better the second term. So, a lot depends on these.  Pray that he does well and can move up to the 3rd grade. We won’t get the results until probably the end of June.

With all of this, I will really be ready for a vacation.  I think that I will surely be sleeping on the plane!



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  1. So sorry to hear aout Matthew, but glad he is back to normal.  Sorry I will miss you at Commissioning.  Have a great furlough and safe traveling mercies.  God bless you, my friend! 

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