Matthew and I are having fun with the family up here in NC.  My sister, Deb is here too.  We all, including Mom & Dad drove down to Wilmington, NC to celebrate the 4th with Di & Joe.  Deb, Matthew and I got down there on Thursday in order to attend the Wilmington Hammerhead soccer game against the Charlotte Eagles.  It was a close game (3 -2) which the Hammerheads unfortunately lost.  We stayed for the after-game fireworks, which were great.

Friday morning we went to a nearby park and biked.  Matthew tried the 2 wheeler without training wheels and stayed up until he realized he was riding solo and paniced.  We will try to see if we can borrow a bike with training wheels for him to practice on.

M&D arrived in the afternoon and Joe cooked out for us Friday night.  We went to the beach Sat morning and Mom & Dad were even able to get in and beyond the breakers for a few moments of water-supported freedom!  We then went to their hotel and set up on the pier jutting out into the river to wait for the fireworks.  Had lots of time for good conversation, pizza before the show at 9 pm.

Then came the question on where to go to church on Sunday…criteria: not too far, not too many steps, not too early, kind of doctrinally like the SA, not too cold (too much AC), not too contemporary, etc, etc.  On our way home from the fireworks, we “cased” out a Presbytirian Church (service at 10 am—out) and then the UM church not too far from Di & Joe’s house.  It had an 11 am traditional service, not too many stairs, lots of parking and a handicap spot near the door.  They also had lots of directional signs so you didn’t have to stand around wondering where the door was to the sanctuary.  It was a good service, comfortable temperature, very patriotic with the Cub Scouts posting the colors and leading us in the pledge of allegiance, beautiful organ music, a children’s story and an interesting, funny pastor (his second Sunday).  Perfect choice!  After dinner at Chili’s we drove back to Lewisville and are now doing laundry and relaxing.

Hope your 4th was fun too!.


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  1. You sure know how to pack a lot of fun into a vacation!  Hope you are taking lots of pictures too.  Matthew will enjoy the memories more in later years and you can share some of the joys with your hubby too.

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