Vacation Wrap-Up

Well six weeks is coming to an end.  We have certainly done a lot, seen a lot and visited with a lot of people.  Anchor points were:

Commissioning weekend in the Central, celebrating 25 yrs of officership

Matthew’s first professional baseball game: Cardinals vs. Tigers 

Asbury Reunion Weekend, celebrating 30 yrs since graduation

4th of July celebration in Wilmington, NC with parents and 2 sisters

Myriad doctor appointments for annual check-ups

We had a great time and really enjoyed seeing so many people.

Yesterday was hurry, hurry, wait…I was up very late Sunday night consolidating things purchased and getting them to fit into the four suitcases.  On Monday I got all the clothes washed and packed.  Then my dad, Matthew and I headed out to finished up all the last minute tasks.  My new glasses were ready and the new contacts arrived at the dr’s office just in time to be picked up before I had to head to the airport.  We made a couple of quick stops, ate fast at a fast food restaurant (Micky D’s, of course) and made it to the airport two hrs before the flight to check in. 

When we checked in they said the flight was only 10 minutes delayed so Dad left and we went through security and settled down to wait out the hour and a half remaining.  We played computer games, talked and watched the minutes tick by, with no announcements being made.  One of the other passengers who checked in after us said that instead of leaving at 3:20 we were delayed until 5:00 pm!  That was the time we were supposed to be in Miami! 

I had planned to use the time at the hotel in Miami to make last minute phone calls to friends and to unwind with Matthew at the pool.  Instead we got into Miami around 7:30pm only to discover that they had lost one of the suitcases. It was 9 pm when we got to the hotel and we went to a nearby McD’s for supper and then made a couple of calls.  It was too late to use the pool, so we watched a little TV and decided to sleep in and then go swiming after breakfast.  Fortunately today’s flight isn’t until 2:40 pm and check-out time isn’t until noon.  I got up at 8 and Matthew must have been really tired ’cause he’s still sleeping and it’s 9:30 am.  I’ve now woken him since they stop serving breakfast at 10.

Next post…from Haiti, Lord willing!  I’m sure I will be hitting the ground running.  Pray for us as we experience re-entry shock…


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  1. Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary.  I figured out I probably saw you being commissioned.My family has had a major near tragedy that I would like you to pray for.  One of my precious daughters-in-law has been suffering from severe depression for a few months and last week attempted to end her life.  I have been crying for a week but now am trying to think positive.  I believe that Diem is getting the best help now.  It has been hard seeing your grown son cry also.  Thankgoodness her precious boys (Erik 8 and Matthew 5) still have their Mom.  They adore her, as we all do.

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