God is good….All the time!!!

I’ve been back now just about two weeks and am settling back into my hectic routine here.  Matthew is back in lessons with the same young woman who worked with him after school this past year.  Felix made bunches of changes to our way of handling things which I’m getting used to and trying to figure out where I fit in to it all. 

And it’s HOT here!!!  One change I can really support is that Felix moved an air conditioner from an area that used to be staff offices to the office that contains the computer system server, copy machine and laptop…This just happens to be my office so I get to benefit from the cooling power throughout the day.  Hard to believe that we have such comforts here in the countryside!

Well, Saturday we had a bit of excitement here in FDN.  I had walked down to the SA children’s home, Bethany, to pick up Matthew after Jr. Soldiers.  I took the opportunity to chat with the regional officer Capt. C. and a visiting officer from Jamaica.  They were getting ready to head out and were only waiting for the return of the home’s pickup truck.  Finally, the young man who had taken it to get some repairs returned. 


As he was headed towards us to hand over the keys, he looks past us and yells, “Smoke!  Fire!”  We turned and saw thick black smoke pouring out of one of the children’s bedrooms.  Everyone sprang to action, pounding out the metal louvers on the bedroom window, grabbing buckets of water and sand to throw through the windows, quickly turning off the generator and moving propane tanks away from the building.  In moments, people from throughout the neighborhood came to work. 



In about 30 minutes the fire was out and we all thanked God for His mercies: most of the children have gone to family members for the summer, a handicapped resident whose room was right next to the room on fire was outside at the time, the truck wasn’t returned earlier or Capt. C would have been gone, the neighbors quickly came to our aid.


There will be a lot of work to be done to rehab the rooms that were damaged and to replace the furnishings.  There’s a bit of time since the kids won’t be back until the end of August.  Hopefully resources can be found to be able to make this happen.  We are all thankful that no one was hurt and that the damage was contained so quickly. To God be the Glory!


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