A Day in the Life of…..

Felix and I just got back from a trip in and out of PAP in one day (about 3 hours each way).  We had a audit conference for our AIDS Relief program (funded through Catholic Relief Services) that I tried to have scheduled for Thursday.  We really needed be at our Rotary Club meeting  near our home on Friday at 5 pm .  Unfortunately, the best they could do was Friday at 11 am.  In order for us to make the meeting we would have to leave PAP by 2 pm at the latest.

We got up early and left at 6:30am getting to PAP by 9:30, doing good.  Then we deviated…we went to the office supply store ’cause I remembered that we didn’t have any more of those big receipt binders that we use for our monthly financial report to CRS along with some other items. 

Shopping here is a bit complicated.  First you select what you want and give a sample to a sales person to write up the request for it to be brought out of the stock room.  Then, she will give you the ticket and you take that to the cashier where you pay for your items.  Then you take the receipt that is marked paid to the area where they have brought your items to and get them checked and your receipt marked “delivered”.  And they have different sections of the store to go through this same proceedure for different kinds of things.  While I was getting the binders and a pair of scissors, Felix was getting envelopes and cases of copy paper. This whole activity took us about an hour! 

We started heading up to CRS (across town) and with the normal heavy traffic it took us 45 min. making us an hour late.  Inspite of that, the meeting went fairly well.  We were able to correct a few misconceptions and lack of documents to support our activities.  We hammered out some new proceedures that will add better control to our program (trip authorization logs, generator fuel log, different way to calculate payroll taxes, etc).  When we finished, it was 2 pm!

We had to make a quick stop at the bank to get details on closing an account, a stop at the grocery store to get some supplies for the clinic and food items we can’t get in FDN (cereal, sliced bread, ground beef, etc), a stop at a hardware store to get a price on a 300 gal. water storage tank (needed for the new flush toilets we are putting in for the patients) and then to DHQ to drop off the mail that we had picked up on our way in.  By the time we were on the road out of town it was 3:40 pm and I called our Rotary Club president to let him know that we absolutely were not going to be able to make it. 

With that decision made, our tension level decreased significantly and we stopped to get chicken, rice and beans from one of the roadside vendors we often use.  It is a great buy for only H$20 each (US$2.50) and very quick…kind of like drive-thru!  We hit a couple of traffice jams but were clear of PAP by 4:30 pm.  I love the fact that I can read in the car so used my time to nearly finish Ingrid Trobisch’s book, The Confident Woman.  I even read some parts to Felix as he drove.  We reached FDN by 6:45 pm, picked up Matthew at the children’s home and came home to the clinic.  It was a long day but tomorrow’s Saturday and we (at least I) don’t have anything scheduled except Junior Soldiers for Matthew at 2pm. I’m looking forward to sleeping in since we were out both of the last two Saturdays with funerals and a wedding. 

Trusting your weekend is fantastic!

(This is the complete version of the little blurb I wrote on Facebook!)


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