Saturday Before Christmas….
Today we were supposed to go to a former staff member’s wedding in Les Cayes (1.5 hours from here) but our schedule didn’t work out.  We had some trainers here that needed to finish up their week’s training by spending about 2 hours with Felix and me teaching us the basics of a new computer program from the UN to help us manage the stock in the pharmacy.  We are one of only five sites in Haiti for the pilot program and the only non-gov. site.  I was pretty impressed when I heard that.  It will involve a lot of data entry but hopefully will improve our stock management and help us use the medications before their expiry dates and know better what we need to buy.  The challenge is that many of the staff working in the pharmacy have NO computer experience!  Maybe this will encourage them to take the time to take a computer course or two.
After we finished, Felix, Mayotte, her daughter Daniella and I went to Miragoane (nearby port city) to buy the staff Christmas gifts.  I was hoping to buy about 150 gifts and ended up with 103.  I will check my staff list tomorrow to make sure how many I need and will probably go back on Monday while Daniella starts wrapping what we bought.  My brother Bob was a big help last year on this shopping outing and I thought of him a lot today.
When we got back I was so tired I just took a nap for an hour or so.  Felix cooked dinner which was nice.  Then Felix took a nap (or went to sleep for the night?) and Matthew and I wrapped a few gifts and put out the ones I got from my parents and siblings when I was in the states.  It was fun teaching Matthew how to wrap. 
I gave him a lecture about how this year I didn’t want him troubling the gifts, unwrapping them a little bit in order to see what was inside.  I told him the point of wrapping the gifts was to give us something to look forward to on Christmas day.   It ended up being a very teachable moment as I said there are times when we have to just wait when it feels like a long time, waiting for something good.  Just like we all had to wait a long time for Jesus to be born and, at just the right time, God sent his very special gift to us all, Jesus!
After he went to bed I hung up the eight Christmas cards that have made it to us so far.  I usually leave these up until the end of January to give all the cards a fair chance to arrive and be enjoyed.
Tomorrow Felix is preaching in Petit Goave, about an hour from here.  Church starts at 9 am so it will be an earlier than normal start.  Matthew has been running a fever since yesterday so I think he will be staying home with a sitter.  He will probably be able to go to church but then straight back home to bed.  He had his exams last Mon-Wed so started his vacation Thursday.  He will probably be out until after Jan 7th, Three Kings Day, when we get back from about two weeks of vacation time here in Haiti.  We pick up his report card on the 23rd.  An early Christmas present??  Hope it is a good one.


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