Words from Matthew’s Devotional Book for Feb 5th:

Take a Rest…

Zoe (the little girl in the picture) says it’s time for a nap. do you ever get so tired that you just can’t stay awake?  Sometimes we get tired because we need to sleep.  People can also get tired when they have a lot of problems.  Thinking about problems all day long can make us feel tired and sad.  Jesus wants us to talk to him about out problems.  He can help us.  When we share our problems with Jesus, it’s like taking a nap.  “Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads.  I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28 ICB 

This was so appropriate for tonight after another week of Felix in PAP (he came home on the 27th, we went back in together the 30th and I came back out to FDN on 2/2) and me holding down the home front and STILL NO SCHOOL!!  Trying to figure out what is best to do with Matthew.  Others are evacuating or sending their children to the states.  Or keep trying to “home school” on top of a more-than-full work schedule.  Or see if anyone would be willing to come down to teach Matthew…?

I need to “Have a little talk with Jesus, Tell Him all about my trouble, He will the faintest cry, and He will answer by and by….”  “Cast your burdens, upon Jesus, ’cause He cares for you!”  Pray with me, won’t you?


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