Aunt Vi’s Funeral – May 2011

Hi, Family and Friends!
I got a letter today from a long-time family friend from Japan who said she visited this sight and enjoyed getting caught up on what’s been going on in our lives.  I also have a friend in Switzerland who can’t easily access Facebook (to where I have migrated of late) but can open up Xanga.  So for you (and any others who are still reading) I am adding something new today and will try to post more often.
Well, recently, my Aunt Violet (86) died of cancer in FL at the end of May.  After much thought and two unexpected personal gifts, I decided to make a quick trip to WPB for the memorial service.  It was a good trip and I got to reconnect with 18 family members, most whom I haven’t seen in years.  The return trip on June 8th went well, even with having to leave Leslie’s for the train at 3am.  I got to the Ft. Lauderdale airport with enough time and was able to adjust my belongings to meet Spirit’s restrictive luggage policies (one 40lb max suitcase – paid for, one carryone – paid for, no weight limit – one small personal item – free).  Felix picked me up at the airport, we made it back to FDN, ate a quick supper and then headed further down the road to join the Officers’ Retreat, in progress.  Missed Bob & Rae as they had headed back to PAP earlier on Wed. in order to fly out on the 9th.
Friday, after the retreat, was packed with catch-up work and then we had a busy week with reports to prepare, staff contracts to sign and then a small team from Jacksonville, FL came on Wed. to see how the SA FDN ministries are put togther.  On Thursday we also had a CRS Cholera team come out, our visiting optical team’s bi-monthly vision screening at the clinic,and the staff from Haiti’s version of Soc. Sec. Office for the monthly report all while trying to help the FL team tour the facilities.
We had an AIDS Relief meeting on Friday north of PAP so after all those visitors were fed and sent off, we threw our stuff in suitcases and headed out Thurs evening. This allowed us to give the FL team a ride back to Walls Guest House (our 1st time seeing the place). We were making good time into PAP until the traffic came to a standstill trying to negoiate their way over a damaged bridge.  After inching up for 30 min we got to a road that can be taken to cross through the river.  We followed another brave soul and we back on the highway speeding along to town in ten minutes.
The AR meeting went well and we were housed in a nice hotel.  After the meeting got out on Friday at 5pm, we visited one of the SA officers in the area, returned to the hotel, walked the shore line watching the sunset, swam in the pool, had a nice dinner, rested and watched a movie on the laptop.
Today was a full day of getting supplies for the clinic, ministering to the team and a challenging trip back (crazy drivers/pedestrians on the road).  God gave us “traveling mercies” and we arrived save and sound. 
Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.  I’m preaching Sunday at the FDN corps and even though FD isn’t until the next week here, I thought I would use a FD theme.  Can’t recognize dads too much.

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