Day in Paris – Dec. 2011

Just a quick update.  On Friday, I bought a 2 day museum pass and mapped out my strategy to get the most use out of it.  I started at the Louvre and followed the guide to find most of the “famous” works, like the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory , Captive (Michelangelo) and Psyche and Cupid.  I also saw a lot of other works that I thought were a least as good as the “famous” ones.  The Louvre was overwhelming in it’s size and it would have been better to have had someone with me to point me in the right directions.

 I walked from the Louvre to the Musèe d’Orsay, which contains art from the 1850’s to 1915.  They had a special exhibit on the Aesthetics Movement of the late 1800’s which included works by Whistler (even Whistler’s Mother!).  I enjoyed what I had time for and then moved on to the Arc de Triumphe.  Unaware of what I was getting myself into, I entered the “museum” and started up the spiral staircase, that kept going and going.  194 steps later, winded, I reached the upper levels.  There wasn’t enough to call it a museum but the view of Paris at night was a worthy compensation for the work-out.  Upon reaching the bottom level again. I was in time to witness the nightly wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  I finished up the evening with the final part of my 2 day bus tour, enjoying all the sights lit up along with the extra displays for Christmas.

 On Saturday, Sylvie and I went to the Museum of Natural History.  While nothing like the Field Museum, it was a nice way to spend the morning together.  She left me to continue on my own to the Musée d’Armée.  It was late in the afternoon but I arrived in time to see some displays of modern military equipment and horse-drawn cannons.  There were lots of medeval armor which was interesting.  I was too late to see Napolian’s tomb or the WW I or WW II displays but I was ready to go home and my batteries were finished as well.

Felix arrived safely on Sunday and we went straight from the CDG airport to the palace of Versailles (and not KY)!  This was the relocated palace of kings Louis XIV – Louis XVI (last king before the new republic – French Revolution, late 1700’s).  Today, Sylvie, Felix and I went back to the Louvre for the China exhibit (1200 – 1800) and then Felix and I went on to the Eiffel Tower (the most visited paid monument in the world).  We waited 45 min in the blustery, cold wind to pay for the 1.6 min ride to the 896 ft high top floor.  It was worth it!  With the clear, blue skies, I was able to get some nice shots of Paris and me AND my honey!  We had fun just being tourists.  Wish I could post the photos but it takes too long to upload them and I have post cards to write and packing to do. 

 Tonight’s the last night here in Paris. Our ride comes at 7:30 and it’s already after 11 pm  (or 23:00 as they like to say here). 

Later from Haiti (warmth!!)


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